Empower Your Corporate Social Responsibilities with Gopy.

Tired of spending too much time on assessment with too little results? Can't keep track of a hundred thousand issues going on with CSR at factories? We're here to help.

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Key features
Gopy CSR Tech enables enterprises, suppliers, government, NGOs, and workers to actively participate in the CSR practice conversation through surveys, feedback and data analytics. Powered by blockchain technology, we ensure that all data cannot be altered and all stakeholders have the same record which establishes trust and transparency.

Track more than 100M answers in 20+ different CSR areas.


Customize your surveys in a way that works for your organization or CSR program.


Get meaningful insights into what is and isn't working at your factories.


Compare your CSR practices to your industry standards or regions with visualized reports comparison.

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With the total cost reduction of 50% - 80% spend yearly and in-depth survey insights on CSR practices, now brands, governments, and factories are able to do so much more. We make it possible to let brands, factories, and governments use this cost reduction in reinvesting in employees. Thus, we have designed a model to not only let workers participate anonymously, but also motivate them with incentives. Every time when completing a task, a participant would receive a Gopies (token). After collecting enough Gopies, the participant can exchange these to a voucher (movie ticket, cellphone pre-paid card, electricity bill, etc).

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Credibly synthesize multimedia based networks vis-a-vis top-line growth strategies. Continually leverage existing worldwide interfaces

Competitive Advantage

Cost is among the top factors that make factories hesitate in participating in a CSR program. A current report shows that the cost of a CSR program for 1,000 employees is around $3,000+ and for 10,000 employees is around $15,000+. Averagely, an organization spends somewhere around $1.5 - $3.00 on CSR assessment and advisory per employee yearly.

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